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MH72-OV Coal Stacker
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 6/27/2016
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When fully assembled, this MH72-OV unit will extend nearly 100 feet in length and weigh over 30,000 LBS.  The spout will be attached to the end of a 72” wide belt conveyor and will be responsible for stockpiling coal off the shores of lake Michigan at a rate of 3000 tons per hour.  This unit was shipped out on 2...

Russian Roundabouts
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 7/1/2015
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Apatite and Nepheline distribution in Russia required precise positioning of their railcar's offset hatch locations. (4) Midwest Roundabout Positioners are implemented allowing for automatic placement into each railcar's unique hatch configuration.  This project shipped in Spring of 2015.


Longview Grain Shiploader
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 12/1/2013
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Midwest International Bulk Loading Spouts loading grain at Port of Longview, Washington in 2012.