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Spout Assembly Time Laps
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 6/29/2020
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Time lapse video taken in summer of 2020 during assembly of 10 MC22-EV bulk loading spouts for export to a Taiwanese power plant....

California Cement Loadout
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 6/12/2020

Two low profile loading systems complete with loading spout, single direction positioner, throttling valves, and manual gate to be installed in a low elevated silo with little headroom.  This equipment shipped to a California cement terminal in Spring of 2020.


Gemini Filter Modules
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 5/13/2020

Midwest new Gemini Series filters provide a unique narrow design for installations in challenging locations with limited space.  A second twin housing can be added adjacent to the primary housing, to allow capacities up to 10,000 CFM with interstitial velocities below 200 feet per minute. Available in both bin vent and dust collector arrangements, these filters shipped to a Canadian Cement...

Georgia Cement Terminal
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 5/1/2020

This Midwest modular design withdraws cement from 3 silos into a single dust free loading station for enclosed pneumatic trailers.  A Vaculoader filter module is located above the loading spout to provide self contained filtration throughout the entire system, without the need of dust piping.  Heavy duty silo withdrawal valves with position transducers, back-up air supply, maintenance...

Lump Crusher
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 4/1/2020

This small Midwest lump crusher is a good economic solution for occoasional soft to medium sized lumps.  Shipped to a Canadian cement company in Spring of 2020.


Edmonton Articuloader
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 2/2/2020
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This Midwest Articuloader was engineered to fit into an existing railcar loading station with very little space available. Commis...

Titanium Oxide Spout
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 1/15/2020

High capacity railcar loading is accomplished with a modified MD30-EV bulk loading spout and MSPV1800 positioner.  Heavy duty NIBROCK clad plating is used on all internal contact surfaces to provide exceptional wear resistance agains the highly abrasive titanium oxide during the loading process.  This project shipped in winter of 2020.


Stainless Steel Gates
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 10/3/2019

(2) 24" square hydraulic slides gates constructed from stainless steel for phosphate.  Shipped September 2019.


Fourteen Bin Vents
Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 9/27/2019

Fourteen (14) bin vents manufactured for various plastic facilities in Michigan.  Shipped September 2019.