Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 7/13/2016

This Compaculoader project was designed for a Louisiana cement terminal with very little headroom at their truck bay.  A silo withdrawal valve (rotary cut off valve) is able to gain critical inches by sitting inside the Compaculoader inlet pocket. Additional headroom is gained using a studded adaptor plate in place of a traditional transition.  Lastly, the MD30-EV bulk loading spout was converted to our low profile design, reducing the height in the retracted position.  What originally looked like an application that did not have enough headroom for an integral filter module, ultimately proved otherwise using Midwest pre-engineered low profile modules.  Project shipped 13 July 2016.

Tags: Midwest International , Dust Free Loading , Compaculoader , compact filter module , low profile spout , bulk loading spout , silo withdrawal valve , rotary cut off valve

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