Posted by Walter in Midwest Feed on 9/26/2016

This Midwest project includes ten identical stations designed for high capacity loading of soy meal into slotted railcars.  MSPV900 single direction positioners allow for three feet of lateral movement over each railcar hatch.  The standard equipment designs are modified with increased hopper angles and enlarged openings to promote higher capacity with this product's poor flow characteristics.  Each MSPV900 single direction positioner and ME36-OV bulk loading spout are fully assembled, prewired, and tested as one complete assembly allowing for a fast economical installation in the field.   This project completed manufacturing in September 2016 and will ship to a soy meal terminal in Ukraine.

Tags: Slotted Railcar Loading , Grain Loading of Railcars , Ukraine Soy Meal , Bulk Loading Spouts , Soy Meal Spouts , MSPV900 , ME36-EV , Ukraine Soy Meal Loading

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