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  • 1970's - Building on success

    With the success of the bulk loading spout, Ron Pair Enterprises transitioned from a contractor to a full fledge manufacturer and moved it’s manufacturing operations from St. Clair Shores, Michigan to Charlevoix, Michigan. The new state of the art manufacturing facility would allow Midwest to grow its product line to serve a wider range of bulk loading applications. Spout models ranged from 18" diameter to 96" diameter and were able to handle truck, railcar, stacking and shiploading applications. As experience grew, so did the product line. In the mid 1970's, Midwest introduced retractable cones, which further controlled product column for longer travel spouts. Prior to this, spouts did not include retractable internal cones, and product column control was solely dependant on the venturi design. The 1970’s also introduced gravity fed spout positioners for enclosed vehicle loading. No longer did vehicle drivers have to spend time lining up their vehicles to the loading spout or use archaic swinging arm mechanisms. The first Midwest positioners were hydraulically operated and were known by today’s models as the single direction positioner and the 4 way (X-Y) Flattop™ positioner.

  • 1970-banner

    Midwest first Flattop™ 4 way spout positioner

  • 1970-banner-1

    MC22-EV ready to load

  • 1970-banner-2

    Vintage advertisement

  • 1970-banner-3

    MC22-EV loading an enclosed truck

  • 1970-banner-4

    ME36 loading grain into an open vessel

  • 1970-banner-5

    New polymer retractable cones are implemented for column control

  • 1970-banner-6

    Several MG50-EV bulk loading spouts loading enclosed ships at Medusa Charlevoix Plant

  • 1970-banner-7

    Vintage advertisement

  • 1970-banner-8

    Midwest first Single Direction Positioner

  • 1970-banner-9

    Vintage advertisement

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