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  • 1980's - The original "GREEN" company

    Out with the old in with the new. Midwest retired the old blue paint and went green while adopting the ecology flag as the official logo. Major refinements were made to the product line, which for the first time was billed as the "Paragon Series" in 1986. Midwest also continued to develop and implement new products. In the early 1980's Midwest introduced the Vaculoader®, the first integral filter module which eliminated the need for high maintenance dust piping. This was shortly followed by the Agriloader now known as the Vacupac™ MA Unit. Positioner travel was increased with the Articuloader™ allowing up to 50 feet of horizontal travel. The 1980's also marked Midwest's launch in developing highly engineered Chokefeeder® systems for the shiploading industry. The Chokefeeder® was a significant technological advancement in product discharge velocity for shiploading and stacking applications.

  • 1980-banner-1

    Ecology Girl

  • 1980-banner-2

    Refinements to our bulk loading spout design

  • 1980-banner-3

    A pair of MD30-EV bulk loading spouts

  • 1980-banner-4

    The first Vaculoader® integral filter module

  • 1980-banner-5

    Midwest spouts loading a 100 Ton railcar in 1 minute

  • 1980-banner-6

    ME36-OV high speed open stacking spout

  • 1980-banner-7

    Midwest Chokefeeder® shown on International Bulk Journal Cover July 1986

  • 1980-banner-8

    Midwest Chokefeeder™ installation at Port of Casablanca, IBJ Cover December 1989

  • New Agriloader filter module now known as the Vacupac™ MA unit.

  • 1980-banner-10

    Midwest's first Paragon™ advertisement, Pit & Quarry July 1986

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