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  • 1990's - Modularization

    The 1990's era was responsible for the largest refinement of Midwest’s product lines. The company essentially split into two entities. Midwest International Engineered Systems for large capacity shiploading and Midwest International Standard Products for the Paragon™Series Product line. Midwest paint color went from green to white, but still incorporated the ecology symbol. By the 1990's Midwest International Standard Products had established a complete pre-engineered modular product line of bulk loading spouts, positioners, integral filter modules, gates, and valves.

  • 1990-banner-1

    Midwest 1990's advertisement

  • 1990-banner-10

    Refinements to our bulk loading spout design

  • 1990-banner-2

    Refinements to our Vaculoader® design

  • 1990-banner-3

    International Bulk Journal Cover March 1992 featuring a Chokefeeder® system at Port of Ventspils Latvia

  • 1990-banner-4

    Chokefeeder® advertisement

  • 1990-banner-5

    Chokefeeder® installation at port of Aqaba, Jordan

  • 1990-banner-6

    Shiploading advertisement

  • 1990-banner-7

    Roundabout® positioner advertisement

  • 1990-banner-8

    Articuloader™ advertisement

  • 1990-banner-9

    Spintrim rotational trimmer advertisement

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