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  • 2000’s - A strong future

    After the millennium, Midwest continued tweaking and perfecting aspects of its Paragon Series Product line, while still producing large shiploading projects through our Engineered Systems Division. However, in 2011, Midwest mourned the loss of its founder and friend, Ron Pair “The God Father of Dust Free Loading”. Today Ron’s legacy continues to move forward, as Midwest remains a solid family owned company. Our intense passion for loading spouts is backed up by a rich history and unrivaled experience. The Paragon™ Series represents this passion, and is now the only product line we manufacture. In 2012, Midwest retired its Engineered Systems Division to focus solely on the Paragon™ Series. A commitment we made to re-establish our focus and ensure that Midwest continues to set the standard in bulk loading spouts well into the future.

  • 2000-banner-1

    Current Flattop Positioner design

  • 2000-banner-2

    Current MD30-EV bulk loading spout design

  • 2000-banner-3

    Enclosed truck loading of cement using two MD30-EV bulk loading spouts

  • 2000-banner-5

    Current Vaculoader® design

  • 2000-banner-10

    Dry Cargo International cover August 2007

  • 2000-banner-6

    Midwest Chokefeeder® installation at Port of Santos, Brazil

  • 2000-banner-6

    Midwest Programmable Automated Loading (PAL) system featured in Cement International October 2008

  • 2000-banner-7

    Midwest Single Direction Positioner and loading spout

  • 2000-banner-8

    MG50-OV barge loading of synthetic gypsum

  • 2000-banner-9

    MD30-OV open truck loading of glass shards

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